For a Healthy Heart – Brochure & App

Jun 4, 2021 | Resources in Cardiovascular Literacy

A 16-page brochure and an interactive App to explore the cardiovascular system, its main diseases and how to prevent them. (Portuguese only)

Cardiovascular diseases are the principal cause of morbidity and mortality in Portugal.
This 16-page brochure and the interactive App “EduCoração” aim to explore the cardiovascular system, its main diseases and how to prevent them, using augmented reality.
Developed by CCUL, in partnership with LisbonLabs and COLA – Colectivo Audiovisual, and financed by Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, under the Call “Comunicar Saúde”, this resource allows:

  • Teachers from Basic and Secondary Education to use augmented reality, and make contents more attractive and comprehensive;
  • Children and young people to use this material as a complement to their individual study and a way to share knowledge with their family;
  • Doctors to facilitate the communication with their patients.

Basic and Secondary Education | Natural Sciences | Biology
Key words: cardiovascular | heart | health | medicine | human body

To visualize the contents in augmented reality:

  1. Download the App EduCoração (for free) in your smartphone or tablet, compatible with augmented reality, in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) – Check recommended Android models here;
  2. Open the app and select one of the two options: the vertical version (for digital brochure) or horizontal version (for printed brochure);
  3. Point the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the illustration of the brochure that you want to visualize in augmented reality;
  4. Touch on the interactive contents, when present, to visualize more information.
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Apresentação da Brochura
RTP estudo em casa – Doenças e saúde do sistema cardiovascular