Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Master

Jun 7, 2021 | Advance Training

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation allows, as a secondary prevention strategy, to recover the patient after acute cardiovascular event, globally, in a multidisciplinary way. This process will decrease incapacity, allowing early return to work and postponing retirement, improve quality and quantity of life and reduce psychological negative effects and cardiac events, which otherwise would be more severe due to repetition and progression of disease. At an earlier phase, not less important and in continuity with secondary prevention, primary prevention should also be considered a priority in health investment.

In the scope of Medicine, as a whole, jointly investigation and clinical practice integrate the scientific knowledge and correspondent implementation. Clinic is based in scientifically proven results, involving pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic interventions effects. On the other hand, clinical activity also serves to support clinical investigation, allowing to question established assumptions and achieving new conclusions.

The University of Lisbon, together with the Hospital de Santa Maria, gather the ideal conditions, necessary to the construction of a great project, innovative, reuniting the clinical and investigation components, allowing to offer the patients, and to the general population, a unique service with important consequences at the level of health promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention.

The Lisbon School of Medicine, is a national pioneer in the first Master of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, contributing to the excellence of professional specificity and scientific investigation in this area.

Scientific Commission: Prof. Ana Abreu (FMUL); Prof. Fausto Pinto (FMUL); Prof. Helena Santa Clara (FMH); Prof. Catarina Sousa Guerreiro (FMUL).

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