The Sleep Unit of CCUL, School of Medicine is a specialized functional department of Cardiovascular Center of University of Lisbon pursuing some well defined goals oriented to develop independent clinical research and to support collaborative work in basic science related to Clinical Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine.


Meira e Cruz, Miguel MSc, DDS

Miguel Meira e Cruz have completed a degree on Dental Medicine and on Sport Related Health Sciences, is Post Graduated in Neurosciences and Sleep Medicine and Master (MSc) in Sleep Sciences. With his currently main focus in Clinical Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine, Prof. Meira e Cruz is certified European Somnologist – Expert in Sleep Medicine (European Sleep Research Society).
As a clinician, Dr. Meira e Cruz is dedicated to Oral Medicine and Surgery, but have a major active interest on Sleep Medicine.
Dr. Meira primary area of research is Clinical Chronobiology and Sleep Disorders integrated with Cardiometabolic Function, Pain and Autonomic Regulation. He is author of 2 books, 7 book chapters and several peer reviewed publications on Clinical Chronobiology, sleep physiology and Sleep Medicine.
Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz is Invited Lecturer in Sleep Physiology and Sleep Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon